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How to Use the Subway

How to Use the Ticket Machines


There are ticket machine near the gates in each station. It is to use so easy from the instructions below :


English guidance button:
Press this button for instructions in English relative to the indication panel.


Fare button:
Press button appropriate to your destination.


Child fare button:
Press this button first, and then press the appropriate child fare button.


Card selection button:
First, press this button to select the type of card (Multiple Ride Card, One-Day Pass, or Rainbow Card) and then press one of the fare buttons indicated to select the amount.


Transfer button to buses or private railways:
If you have to make a transfer to a city bus or another railway line, press this button first and then the appropriate fare button for a transfer-type ticket to your destination.


¥5,000 and ¥10,000 notes will not be accepted by some ticket vending machines:
Check here for the types of notes that the machine can accept.


Coin slot:
Insert the appropriate amount of ¥10, ¥50, ¥100, or ¥500 coins.


Note slot:
Insert a ¥1,000 note if you do not have exact change.


Ticket slot:
Take your ticket and collect your change, if any.

How to Get your Ticket and Go through the Ticket Gate

Buy your ticket from a vending machine near the ticket gates, insert it into the slot on one of the gates and go through. Be sure to take your ticket from the slot on the other side as you exit. Upon arriving at your destination, again insert your ticket into the slot of the ticket gate and exit.

Check the route map on the boards posted near the ticket vending machines.Find the fare to your destination. The fare is set at five different rates depending on the distance or number of fare zones you travel though.

・Children under 11 years old pay half the regular fare.
・As many as two children under 5 old may ride free with a paying adult.

(2) Insert your money into the ticket vending machine. ¥10, ¥50, ¥100 and ¥500 coins and ¥1,000 notes can be used at every machine, while ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 notes can also be used at certain machines.
(3) Press the fare button appropriate to your ticket and collect any change money.
(4) Insert your ticket into one of the ticket gates and walk through. Be sure to pick up your ticket on the other side of the gate.
(5) Keep hold of your ticket until you reach your destination. Upon arrival at your destination, insert your ticket into a ticket gate and walk through. Just for your reference, your ticket will be collected by the gate and does not come out.







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